100 Watt RGB LED Lamp


Since I’ve been working on this project for about a year and a half, and my motivation has continued to hold up, I think it’s time I wrote a bit about it.  Understand as you’re reading this that there have been many dead ends along the way (I haven’t written about most of them here) […]

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Released: lint-maven-plugin 0.0.8


lint-maven-plugin 0.0.8 has been released, containing a bugfix, some new rules, and a few improvements. Bugfixes: https://github.com/lewisd32/lint-maven-plugin/issues/4 New rules (Thanks Lars): MissingDeveloperInformationRule MissingInceptionYearRule MissingIssueManagementInformationRule MissingLicenseRule MissingUrlRule Improvements: Help mojo added (Thanks Lars) Ability to specify rules to run from the command line (Thanks Lars) eg. mvn com.lewisd:lint-maven-plugin:check -Dmaven-lint.rules=RedundantPluginVersion,RedundantDepVersion Ability to specify in-pom rules to exclude […]

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Project idea: Doomagotchi

This just randomly popped into my head today, when I saw a co-worker’s JIRA avatar was the”doom guy”.  It’s not particularly well thought out, being the result of about 2 minute’s thought. Doomagotchi Hardware: Small OLED LCD display Speaker Batteries 2 buttons Microcontroller Software: OLED shows “doom guy” face Tracks “health”, and shows correct face […]

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Arduino Slide Viewer Slide Show


Quite some time ago, I found an old slide viewer in an antique store, and had an idea for a neat little hack. I finally finished the hack, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Slide Viewer I took a 1.8″ TFT LCD from Adafruit, some AAA batteries, and a couple other bits […]

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Voyager Combadge

Last night, I surprised my girlfriend with a hand-made Voyager combadge, for our 1 year anniversary. I’ve been working on it for the last couple weeks, telling her that the workshop is out of bounds because I’m working on a secret project.  She knew I was cooking up something for our anniversary, but she had […]

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Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012


Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 on the past weekend was quite the experience.  As my first time exhibiting any of my work, it was incredibly positive to see the reception it received from the attendees.  Yoda was definitely a hit with the younger crowd, with the older crowd tending to make a beeline straight for […]

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Battery life of the AnnoyATtiny85


Quite a while ago I promised a post about the battery life of the AnnoyATtiny85.  I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire lately, but I’m finally on the home stretch there, so I’m taking a break to finally write this post. As you may recall from that previous post, I spent a […]

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Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Prep


In case anyone is wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d explain. I’m going to be exhibiting some of my creations at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in a couple weeks, and I’ve been frantically trying to get everything in order before then.  I realized a couple weeks ago that I’m not […]

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Slide Viewer LCD Screen

On the weekend, I found another awesome old slide viewer in an antique store, and decided to mount an LCD screen in it.  I was going to do it with the one I found a couple weeks ago, but I like this one better.  So, after a few hours of soldering ribbon cable, and cutting […]

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Animatronic Yoda 2.0: Eyes, part two

I made some good progress last night re-engineering the eyes.  As you may remember from the previous post, the servos were getting in the way, so I needed to move them.  Well, success! The one on the left is the original, with the servo directly under the eye.  The one on the right is the […]

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